Humanity is not worth saving

Many years ago, after the island I built for Patrick McGoohan, I started a book.  It morphed over time into a kind of state of society critique, and when I first met Wolfe, he was the person I wanted to discuss this book with.

I never did get to discuss it with him, because he was always in trivial mode when I spoke to him, and despite being extremely helpful in other ways, it proved impossible to get a simple direct conversation online.  That is Ok, he wasn’t to know.

I had a massive crisis in confidence after the incident with him, to the point of almost a form of breakdown.  I was taking care of my mother and working various tiny contracts, did some geo work for GPS systems and such, wasn’t idle,  but could not bring myself to write the book until I could fathom what exactly the stuff with Wolfe had triggered.

I am very glad that I was patient about that, because it created a lot of new work, worked through a number of things although it did not allow me to actually do the initial job of writing the book.

Likewise I still have work to do on the visual novel, although I will need to data scrape a hard drive or two to get moving again on that.

Since my mother died, and even as she was dying, I learned a lot about humans that I had tried hard to forget.

With a very small number of exceptions every single person I have met since 2016 has been venal, stupid, vitriolic and has made absolutely no attempt to even appear to be anything else.  I am now quite satisfied that humanity should wipe itself out.  Probably the sooner the better.

Be aware of the effect you have on other people.  I was originally a cynical and shy lady, after Wolfe I became a positive, relaxed and confident person.  Apparently this offends stupid people, to the point it is now impossible to even do anything well and avoid censure from them.

I am now seeking out ways of avoiding people altogether and instead of having the career I worked for, I will be prioritising the avoidance of any more worthless people. They are a waste of time.

I am not entirely unhappy with this outcome, but it seems rather a waste of some very good material.


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