The Deal with being Married

Okay, so apparently I need to explain this to people, because they are too stupid to figure this out by themselves.

Here is the deal with being married.

When you sign up to get married, you make a promise to another person to be with them.

It does not mean that you then turn around and either lie to other people that you have not made the promise in order to get bonked, or state upfront that you have made the promise to someone as some sort of absolution of sin.

Being married means you are legally attached to somebody.  Your attention to people beyond that relationship then becomes an insult. An insult to their intelligence, an insult to their attractiveness, an insult to their ability to find someone that is not attached to someone else.

If you do not wish to insult the single members of the population, then stop trying to hit on them.  We are not interested in a relationship with half, quarter or less of a person and those of us who are are frankly a bit sad and desperate.

There are many ways to relate to other people that do not involve creating fake arguments to create pseudo passion, role playing or other bullshit in order to get your end away.  It is boring and is only regarded as a worthwhile pursuit by pretty low grade people.

I hope that this is clear.  I do not appreciate having my time wasted and I am NOT INTERESTED IN BONKING MARRIED PEOPLE OF ANY KIND. I have never bonked a married person and I have no intention of starting now.

If you do not want to fall into the category of insulting people with your sexual attention, then don’t get married.  Simples.





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