For those who may be new to the site

Work is about to start on the Joy is Power film project.  I will be checking in with the local police, and disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Some of you I have only just met for the first time.  So, to answer your questions, yes I am making a statement, no it is not overt and it is very positive, particularly about the area as I am very fond of it.

My biggest fan is the Prime Minister, however this is a non-political project and I am not actually in the slightest bit conservative.  Boris knows this, he likes me anyway so expect the unexpected as I have his head on my kitchen table.

Toodle pip, and I trust I will be seeing you soon.  I do have a couple of businesses to run and a couple of intense jobs, so you may not see much of me, but have faith in the fact work will be proceeding at ungodly hours.

Many thanks


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