Survived so far

I am immensely surprised to say that I have survived so far, and am scheduled for further training next week.

My head, however, after all these years has definitely been turned and I am struggling a bit to deal with it, therefore I will be constructing a humorous short story before sleeping.

I have to again thank Wolfe for endless tolerance over that time, as I was a very wounded lion a decade ago, and he put up with rather a lot.

I will, of course, be behaving myself somewhat better so it may be that all I do is create more stuff, but either way I have met a delightful person who does not apparently quite understand, and perhaps won’t.  I am a resourceful creature, I am sure I will find some useful outlet for all the energy.

Still feeling very skittish.

I have no idea why all that just happened, and no way of asking, so I guess we will never know.  I have no intention of causing anybody any more stress than is helpful.

I still have a ton of work to do on the existing projects, I will not be letting anyone down.



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