The week of Duct tape and Banana

This is Maurizio Cattelan, the artist behind the Duct tape and Banana. The artists of facebook are very confused about this.

It doesn’t matter how much you explain how art works to them, they are still confused.

Damien Hirst and his investment group were very open about what they did.  The price was set by them with a view to later profit, and they all did very well out of it.  Maurizio has done something very similar, although it is later in his career and so it packs a bigger punch.

Maurizio is also famous for a middle finger statue, a gold toilet and a statue of Hitler.  He likes to cultivate a kind of monsieur Hulot version of himself.

I have been trying to rethink the performance element of Ina, since my project was rudely curtailed by Twisty and Little Shiva.  I am thus far stumped, because I cannot discuss my ideas with anybody and in any case since I have now been sewing constantly for over a year, would have to spend several months recovering from sitting too much.

In the meantime, the Grumpy Dude collection is going surprisingly quickly, as work has been slow, and I am cautiously pleased, particularly with Sunset of Discontent, which I am working on at the moment.

Still too cold to proceed with Haram Bawbag, although I am considering artifical means to get it to the next stage.

I have about a weeks worth of work to do sitting in my bedroom, and I imagine this will get done over Christmas.  I am very mean, so it takes me a while to persuade myself to indulge in basic things at times.  These problems are usually solved if I have a visitor as I like to pretend I am civilised.

In the event you are at all interested, I am currently digging the Singh twins, Sandeep Sinde and Philmy Reyes, who is a dear friend on Facebook, you can look any of these up.  I have a very wide interest area and tend to avoid other textile artists as I find some things confusing and unnecessary, and feedback has indicated that other people cannot understand why embroideries of vomit or tangled dust gathering wallhangings would be relevant or interesting.

Found myself watching some rural Indian porn on facebook today, which was tasteful and charming.  My new facebook friend who was watching it was bemused by my interest, however rural Indian facebook porn usually consists of a healthy normal woman doing fairly boring household chores in a see through or dangerously precarious outfit, so it is fascinating.  I see why men dig the sewing now.

Anyway, sorry it has taken a while to update, I am hard at work.  I have a lot to do, because I would like Grumpy feedback before I start on the spring shoes.



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