Subtleties of creating impact

Very tired today.  Had an unexpected shift last night, and although I am feeling a lot better I am very tired due to the nature of expelling every toxin extremely fast.  I am looking a bit rough today, but generally dewier so things are going reasonably well.

I am taking about 28,000 percent of the RDA for vitamin C, (I kid you not) and am still not seeing any evidence of overdose. (the only thing that happens with an OD of vit C is the runs, so it is pretty benign)

Doing some property photography this morning and I am now very tired, although the next task is clearing the dining room so that I can work on the very lovely and potentially most serious coffee dude. He will be residing in the dining room for the next month or so.

I am expecting some microscopic ceramic tiles today for this piece.  I am concerned about perspective, but I think alongside the rest of the image I probably shouldn’t worry too much.  It is quite a task, but I think it will be well worthwhile.

Asked myself a lot of questions about why I feel I have to do this?  Am I scared of reality?

I think if I am, it is probably justified, given the amount of scrapes I seem to get myself into, but in this particular case I feel I ought to update myself a bit.  I have gone from being uber respectable banking chick to scruffy artist very easily in the course of the last year, and the two opportunities in the pipeline will mean I will be one or the other for some time to come.  I am upgrading my period banking outfits as I upgrade my level of general self maintenance whilst I work on these pieces.

Finding Haram Bawbag quite exhausting at the moment, but this is in keeping with the person so I am hanging in there. I think the finished piece will be rather spectacular, unlike the person.  There is less of a time limit on this one than the coffee shop items, as I have convinced myself that gorgeous and somewhat swoonworthy coffee dude knows perfectly well what I am up to and I do not want to waste any time getting these done just in case.

Little Shiva is now at the stage where I am adding the more subtle elements, which can be quite confusing.  My instincts are usually right, however, so I tend to roll with whatever pops into my head rather than question it.  Still awaiting about four more different gold types and seeking more but the Italian yarn has been so stunning that a man came up to the car last night and informed me that he loved my sewing and loved me, which made me laugh a lot.

Exhausted after the morning photography so I am going to sleep now.


very tired  but reborn Ina


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