July Progress Report 1

I haven’t posted for a few days, had a bit of a health emergency so I was dealing with that.

For the uninitiated a health emergency for a raw foodie is very different from a health emergency for a fan of pharmaceuticals.

I was showing some very similar symptoms to my friend, who used to work for the NHS and despite seeing me bring my mother back from the dead, still insists on seeing the doctor instead of eating properly.

I do not have this option, since the doctor’s first response is always to find a reason to not listen to anything I say, and as I have no time for repeated trips to be ‘monitored’ I like to find other ways of dealing with things.  Time will tell if this is a good option or not, but so far so good.  Despite being a little fat lady, I have none of the health problems my siblings and parents had had by my age and am markedly more cheerful, which to me is the most important thing.

Anyway, from time to time I am less assiduous about my diet, and had been low carbing and drinking coffee due to lack of time and the inconvenience of 20 plus toilet visits per day whilst working from my car. This turned out to be a bit of an acidic mistake.

Last week I was looking my age, starting to experience the lurking arthritis in my left hand, having chest issues and walking very slowly.  I also had marked inflammation in my face, which could indicate a variety of things, but I decided it was likely to be a complaint from my liver regarding the highly acidic diet I had fallen back into.  When I am busy, a little sad, or just lazy, I fall back into low carbing just because it is faster and more suitable during the winter months, and as this diet is extremely acid promoting, it is inevitable that I will hit tilt at some point and have to switch back.

I am happy to say my glow is restored somewhat after a few days of avoiding any stimulants and after only 48 hours of returning to ten vegetables per day.  When the chest issues, in particular flare up, I eat yet more vegetables.  It helps instantly. My digestive system gets busy using up any acid on dealing with the vegetables and my cells benefit from increased nutrition and water, and decreased salt.

So far a little patch of psoriasis has cleared up, my skin is recovering it’s usual freshness and I am less grumpy.  The pain in my hand has gone, despite spending 14 hours sewing yesterday and the stiffness in my legs has improved.  That is in a week of avoiding stimulants and gradually increasing the vegetables, and in only 48 hours of returning to 10 a day.

Generally speaking, you can see the difference in your health in about four days.  You then step up further in two weeks, and in six months you are likely to look like a completely different person.

I usually go through the ten a day until my gut bacteria has achieved sufficient balance for me to go back on supermix, once back on that I only really need to eat once a day, and usually that will be seaweed, avocado or sundried tomatoes, for some reason.

As far as the work is concerned, the new piece for the coffee shop has taken quite a bit of time and money just to get to a starting point.  I have defined the image, which appears to be sufficiently romantic to have entranced the lady making the enlargement for me to get the pieces precise enough to start work.  I have gathered some free materials, and I have a lot in my studio waiting to be used.  I have prepped the boards and tonight is likely to be spent tracing and cutting so that I can start the veneer portions.

I do not want to input any further information at this point, I am awaiting a few elements in the post but we have a seriously glamorous pre-plan and I am happy so far.

Haram Bawbag is going well and I am likely to do more work on this and get it ready for the return of the tabletop next week or so.  Thereafter there is probably another week or two’s work to do on it.

Little Shiva is starting to stand up by itself now, it is not quite alive yet, but it is getting quite exciting.  I am happy with results so far.

Gagging for some delicious coffee, but I am also quite keen to restore my immune system, so coffee will have to wait.

Toodle pip,


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