July Progress Report 2

Well, I am feeling much better, but am still looking a little flushed, almost like a permanent blush, so I am now investing in super strength sun block.  (I do not think I have ever spent as much time outdoors as I do now)

Still hammering down the nutrition, working ridiculous hours on these artworks and have made many a strange purchase for the coffee shop pieces.  I am nothing if not thorough. If that fabulous chap doesn’t cry there is no justice.

The first veneer portions went on last night, I think the first piece will take around a week to get beyond this stage, then there is a second piece to do which will take about the same time.  This may seem like a long winded process, but mixed media is a task of knowing what to prioritise and how to go about achieving the results you want.  Because I have combined veneer, paper, fabric, resin, embossing and found objects, the order of business is pretty strict to get it right.

Haram Bawbag is also mixed media, so it has similar issues.  I still haven’t ordered the organza for the slide for the supernatural feel I want to give it eventually, so it has rather a long way to go.  The base is moving on nicely though so I guess I should get on with that.

Little Shiva is becoming too big to manage in the car but is also looking rather fabulous.  I may do a public assembly if I think it will be relatively time friendly to do.

Apart from that, trying very hard to relax whilst achieving unreasonable amounts per day and doing a bit of a clear out.  Toying with the idea of replacing a couple of items.

Little Shiva, please stop worrying, you have potential if you stop fretting so much, poppet. I recommend you invest a little time working with the public.

See you soon,




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