Still missing the Point

And still they continue trying to comment without reading or bothering to actually think about what they are saying.  Ewww we like him, we don’t like you.  Guess what?  I don’t care!

Now they are repeatedly presenting me with the gay dude’s admittedly tasteless conversation with the married homophobe.

Yes, I have seen what the tasteless gay man said to the married homophobe.  It is no worse than any woman on facebook has seen whilst being shown dick pics, if we behaved like that the police would be mighty busy.

It does not justify you wanting to imprison him for it, and it does not justify your stinking attitude to other people, apparently including anyone who disagrees with the party line.

Having been on the receiving end of similarly childish and thoughtless behaviour, I am not interested in whether you find the gay dude tasteful or not, or whether you regard justice as applying to everyone else but you.

I do find your mobbing behaviour pretty disgusting, and I also find your inability to think disgusting.

As for the casual racism of Bawbag and Little Shiva, you can have that too.  I am not interested.  I extended my positive attitude and got a load of bullshit in response, backed up by similarly confused twats.

Why don’t you now go back to watching box sets and counting the money you don’t have?  Perhaps you can stab someone else in the face tomorrow for something you all agree to object to? Nice little crowd you got there.

Why not have a go at the disabled and elderly tomorrow? Honestly it is incredibly frightening that your generation will be attempting politics in ten years.

Being married or from another country is not an excuse for treating everybody else like shit, by the way, just in case you need additional instruction on basic human decency.



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