Dinner for One

One of the great things about having absolutely nobody is that I get to eat like a proper person.  This is dinner, at 2am.

One peculiarity of the last month or so is that India is featuring so heavily.  You would think I would run another 6000 miles or whatever it is to get away, wouldn’t you?

It is actually coincidental, but rather hilarious.  I also have a growing following from India on the website.

I think my next crazy adventure trip will actually be to Dubai, but I suppose I could be flexible.

I am waiting to hear from a company in India about a job which if I get it means I will be commuting from the USA to India from the comfort of the house, so I won’t have to see any more people ever again, which would be nice after that experience.

I am waiting to hear how the lovely author is getting on with my marketing strategy, although he doesn’t seem to be doing his homework so I may have to kick his ass a bit.

I did have to block one man, who was looking for his friend in Germany, because he got bossy very quickly and I was very busy promoting the Porn Star story at the time.

The Porn Star has unfortunately disappeared, so I am a bit sad about that.  He was really sweet, probably too nice to be a Porn Star.  I am told my my new companion that he does this from time to time so we will see if he gets in touch so that I can continue with that one.

I have to say grieving is not pleasant.  When it was my father I was working for the government, and I had a crew of very silly old ladies trying to tell me how to walk straight as I was trying to keep my mother from giving up the ghost entirely.

When it was my uncle my mother was even more upset, and I spent about a year feeding her on a variety of nutritious puddings to stop her from giving up

When it was my best friend, my family were particularly nasty and I had to fight to keep my mother out of care, which she would also have had to fund, so it is particularly funny that my family still object to my saving them ten years or so in care costs.

Now it has been my mother and I did not have to deal with her stupid children, along comes Little Shiva to stab me in the face.  Everybody I have met since she died has been unpleasant in one way or another.  Clearly the future is locking the door and throwing away the key.

Anyway, hopefully I will bag the Indian job, and then we can talk further about the possibilities in Dubai.  If I am doing a USA/India commute life will get far easier all round.




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