Mrs Shiva


I see you are back indulging in your husband’s fixation, so I will write you a note.

I have absolutely no reason to lie to you at this point, and I am also going to presume to give you some advice, so hold tight.

I did not know anything about you until after the job was over, when I looked him up on companies house.  Everyone in the office apart from me knew about you, he said nothing to me because he was apparently attempting to crank things up for the sadist. It was extremely hurtful that nobody told me.

There was a lot of male bullshitting, because I have never seen a man work so hard to get attention as he did.  Do not take that personally, he likes attention, and if you persist in attempting to be married from the other end of the country, he isn’t getting that from you. Note it is attention that is the issue and not sex.

I totally ignored him because I believed that he was sleeping with a married woman in the office, whom he paid very close and not very pleasant attention to all the time I was there.  You certainly cannot accuse me of untoward flirting, because I did not even look at him due to the unpleasant atmosphere created by the crap management in that office.

He is not much of a leader, mainly due to immaturity and lack of confidence.  He gets very angry very easily, which I imagine is not much fun to live with.  You will remember I was trying to resolve that at the time, and recommended you a book, which I still think you should get.

The reason he is fixated on this website is much the same reason he stared in the office, and as he has a compulsive personality, he finds it difficult to stop.  I have already said you will be getting a picture of the chair when it is finished, which is likely to be into next year now due to temperatures.

Having said that, past observation tells me that he likes you a whole lot more than you like him, so you could try at least pretending to like him. He would blossom if you took it even further than that and actually liked him.

Nobody ever suggested that you weren’t enough for him, so I am not sure why that was a worry. Absolutely no guile was in evidence, as I do not have any.  The other girl was not happy at all.

I am actually too young for him, his ideal is older than me, so watch out for very much older ladies if you are concerned in the future.

Good luck, and see if you can find a job nearer him. Get yourself knocked up, that might settle things a bit.




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