Staring Brat 2 song of the day

Still feeling a bit ropey with a recent bout of banking infection, but resting a lot to recover.  Went out in town as Ina yesterday, got a really good response in Buchanan Street, Argyle Street with elderly and younger teens.  I think this is a gentler and better idea.

Got back to the car to find I was parked right next to Staring Brat 2, which made me laugh quite a lot. He won’t know, but it was an amusing blast from the past.

Very busy with mundane stuff for the next two weeks, after this I think I will be building back up to the project I didn’t get to proceed with during the summer because of the Brats. (if you haven’t looked, check The Sadist, and Stories for an Ignorant Man  on the books page, although the latter is probably one of my nicer meanderings for Staring Brat 2)

I am indulging this brief focus on Staring Brat 2 despite having no intention of seeing him because it is time to work the design for the chair, it is a very expensive piece and will take over a year because of some of the more expensive elements, but we don’t care!

I quite like me.  That’s a nice feeling.


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