For all you lovely married people

I have never been remotely interested in married people.  With Wolfe, this was not discovered for years, and even when it was it was kind of irrelevant because if you can’t accept that Wolfe is a bit of a slapper, you wouldn’t last long as a potential partner anyway.

Likewise, Boris has an evident agreement with his childhood sweetheart, and in neither case was an outcome likely.

So today, I am talking about the kind of married people that want to have extra-marital guilt sex because they think their genitals are, for the reason of them having tied them to someone else legally, far more exciting than everyone else’s.

Trust me when I tell you your genitals are just as boring and emotional distress is not an interesting or happy state to be in.  In order to find someone that thinks otherwise, you are probably better going for immature, bitter, spoilt and preferably stupid people who get off on being miserable.

Personally, I would regard it as a character defect to be reduced to bonking husbands, so I have never found it remotely appealing.  The kind of women who tell themselves that this is ‘no strings fun’ are rather sad and have usually been terribly betrayed themselves.

I rather prefer my over-optimism.  I will probably never see the charming, witty and fierce individual that I have in my head, but I am not ruining anyone else’s party finding out.

So, married people, keep your tedious genitalia to yourself and save it for your squawking brats, paying the mortgage and stop wasting everyone else’s time.

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