No Glass Walls Project update

So far so good.  We have the broadcast camera!!!!!!

The flags are on the way, the flagpoles are crawling over from Hong Kong,  Ina’s costume is half made – it is as usual, slightly hippy taken to the level of textile art.  I dare not actually try it on yet, but it looks like I will resemble a cross between a children’s TV presenter and rather flashy renegade with no face.

Boris’s face is coming along nicely and should be starting to look beautiful tomorrow.

Still wary of a PA system due to the noise pollution.  I think the next thing to do is the banner – which is what the previous poem which isn’t really a poem is for.

Rehearsing whilst walking is interesting.  I am a very shy person, and the idea of even lifting my arms in public was difficult due to memories of familial bullying, but for the purposes of being physically confident enough to pull this off I have been practising waving my arms around a lot in public.  I am sure passers-by are perplexed by this but I am trying to make a point of being seen doing it so that I do not care.

Some things that I want to be able to do require considerably less stress on my skeleton so I will be a little restricted by the remaining weight, which is persistently refusing to shift, possibly because of lack of sleep at the moment.  I am, however, feeling remarkably positive about the whole idea.

So, next on the tasklist after Boris is making the prop list.  We have invented a new board game for the project, which we have to manufacture.  I have to contact the green screen place because unbelievably, my house isn’t big enough.  We have to spend a day at the trampoline park, the hovercraft park and another in the mountains.  It is all pretty challenging really.  The one good thing about grieving is that you no longer care.

Probably going to have a few problems with Sony with the Michael Jackson track we want to use for episode 1 of the series but I do not forsee too many problems with the other ones, subject to my friend in Slovenia being able to collar the right person there.  Apart from that the tracks for the other decades are less well known so I do not see us having too many problems, unless you include actually finding the musicians concerned.

In the meantime I am having tremendous fun with the visualisation of the final product.  I am considering contacting all the political parties to organise some national promotion, given that the point of the project is to increase public participation in party membership.  I also have several specialist groups I would like to involve.

Probably a few weeks off having the cash to start the next stage of Iain Duncan Smith is Fit for Work.  In the meantime I will be working on Lucifer Ogilvie and my History of the Conservative Party, which I have to write before I start on Lucifer as it is one of my ‘refracting vine’ type of stories which unwittingly educate the reader.

Tomorrow I will be getting Boris’s face in shape for the next stages.  He won’t be ready for his hair yet but it is looking good so far.  I will also be rescuing my abandoned-due-to-broken-heart research for the original book for Wolfe, which once we have all this work done, is intended for an actual publisher, subject to the mission being complete and my having achieved what I want to achieve before contacting Wolfe’s VP.

The game is pending at the moment due to this, but I think all things considered, this is the right priority list because once I am on contract with the bank in addition to my normal week the game will be easier to work on than anything heavier.

Toodle pip, gorgeous ones,





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