I haven’t updated for a while, sorry

So I am a bit more interested in work at the moment and have been looking into some new projects.  Nothing is really grabbing me apart from video. I need to update my editing skills as I havent really done much since Second Life machinima.

I am aware that I need to finish Joy is Power before Ina’s next iteration, however the combination of meeting Bawbag, Boris exposing himself, being unwell and life in general, without an audience there isn’t much point in being Ina, and I tend to get alarmed if the audience is more than about forty people as I really don’t like attention that much.

Dylan’s head is going very well, will be mixing the putty for his face as soon as I get a food processor.

Very interesting contract just completed, looking at the effects of Bawbag’s business empire and talking to more criminals.  Moving on and hopefully up now.

I see the head loony has been on the site numerous times hoping for a reaction.  Go and talk to the police  again, there’s a good nutjob. Then please return to Spain and preferably fall off your yacht and spare us all any more of your drivel.



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