Mandala Magic

So, mother is in hospital, and this means I am running about, crazily doing all the things I have no time to do when she is at home.  I do not know if she will be returning, but I have created a self contained annex in case she does as her children have shown no signs of ceasing the usual poor behaviour and attacks. It is much safer to put a locked door between me and them, meaning that she will have to live in another part of the house.


In the meantime, I have taken delivery of another pile of materials to move onto the next phase of Sheep in Wolfe’s clothing, which will set the section up for future additions in the same style.  As I said, I am extremely bored with Wolfe, so I am starting a new collection, which is antique inspired, whilst I await the next muse, or muses, to appear.  The plan is to expand the Short Misadventures section with people from the public volunteering to muse for new pieces, which should be interesting.  I will need youtube videos, personal bios and possibly an interview with these people, but beyond that it can be fairly superficial.  This will be next year or so, after I have completed the artwork and books for Wolfe, and kicked off the Ballantine collection of antique stuff. Plenty of time for a press release and more extensive campaign to advertise the opportunity of having your name on a piece of artwork/story etc.


Tonight, as part of my finale grouping for the basic Wolfe collection, I have been researching Mandalas.  Wolfe probably likes mandalas.  If some big hairy guy made one for him, he would probably become extremely excited and say how far-out and marvellous it was.  Since it is me, he will say absolutely nothing, which has become extremely boring.  I have learned from my research so far, that I do not like mandalas.  I do not like foot jewellery, I do not like knitted bikinis, I do not like hippy artwork, I do not like anything about this scene at all.  But Wolfe probably respects Mandalas, so I will make him a mandala and call it Dipshit Hippy Crap.  This is entirely in keeping with the rest of the collection and I am sure I will enjoy it slightly more with the perversity of putting work into something I have no interest in at all.


Trying to sort yet another 900 balls of wool is extremely tiring when you have to grade it into shades in your studio, knowing full well that you won’t see much of it for months as you are busy on other things. The more arty the collection becomes, the more impractical and stupid you feel doing it, but in terms of development, the more you do, the more you want to do, so on a personal basis, it is still worthwhile.


Am very much off writing the blog at the moment, as I am too worried about my mother and since I am anxious, I like to combine eating badly with sewing.  I hope to have the book finished soon, but I will probably put a new artwork on the cover, so it may be delayed depending on what feels right.


The game will also still go ahead, but I have to get through the next few weeks the best I can, which means a lot of anxious sewing and planning for potential disaster in the form of yet more personal attacks from the family.  I also have to think about income streams, so things are a bit up in the air.

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