Nice to see you

All of you, bizarre that you all chose to drop in to see a post about a dude walking past my car.

For clarification purposes, there is no romance going on, Grumpy Dude and I communicate a bit like angry meerkats. We have a weird emotional but not at all romantic thing that involves a lot of appreciation from a distance.

For the benefit of one of my readers, I would appreciate it if you would check in on Bawbag.  I am a bit worried about him, but there is no point in my attempting any input and there is no need to involve me whatsoever. It is your issue, not mine.

Otherwise, hard at work again, although I am very much looking forward to a couple of days off this week to push things forward on Little Shiva and the new stuff.  Hoping to get to the final stages of Haram Bawbag and get the windows off the ground this week.

It would be nice if I could get some of the stuff moved on whilst I complete the rest.  It is looking like another month or three for the first stages of the cushions. The shoes aren’t even started yet, beyond my perfecting a superfast seamless base, which was quite a task.

If anyone can think of a subtle way of my ascertaining Grumpy Dude’s shoe size without him noticing, I would be very grateful.




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