Ina Debuts Tomorrow

Seriously, these lips would drive you insane.


First public appearance as Ina tomorrow.

Bit concerned, and it will be a very short networking event here in Glasgow, but I am sure it will be very interesting.

First flags have been assembled, 7 more ordered and the second costume is underway.

Boris looking pretty good, but still not finished.

I now need to get my permissions underway.  Managed to get phone numbers for some of the musical artists, and record companies for some of the others.

Now I need to storyboard several videos so that Twisty has sufficient detail to work from before I start working to pay for all this, but having now started rehearsing the actual act, it seems to be looking pretty good.

Still have the static banners to order, and possibly a PA system, although I still haven’t taken police or local authority advice.

And yes, Boris, I got the message.  Time is indeed a-wasting.  I’m on it, as fast as  I can without outside funding.

It isn’t restricted at this end in terms of timeframe, so if we aren’t totally coordinated, it won’t be the end of the world.





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