Maybe he was right to be angry with me

I don’t know.  Maybe it was really patronising of me to assume the beautiful girl in the office was more suitable for him than me.  That seemed to really piss him off.

My more cynical head says he was already being told what to do by The Sadist by that time, and I was supposed to get angry with him for being visibly involved with the girl in the office. They created some sort of scene to indicate involvement, which I immediately took to mean that he was insulted by the initial comment from me.

Anyway, it all seemed a bit melodramatic and for simpletons at the time, and I hadn’t really meant to steam in and hit on some dude anyway, even if he was uptight and gorgeous, which is a very cute combination.  If only I had known how attractive it was when I was still uptight, I would probably have had a different kind of life.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter now. He needs to get busy knocking his wife up and maybe actually getting to know her, as the conversation we had indicated that they appeared to have no click, which is a bit unfortunate, since it happened so easily with us.  I did notice he seemed to have a thing for older chicks, like way older than I appear to be, so maybe that’s his thing, I don’t know. I was dating a 37 year old at 21 so I don’t really give a shit about age, although I am actually used to being the younger party.

I do remember some moment where I was supposed to be impressed by dishwashing, and didn’t quite understand it at the time.  Yes I am sure he would be very impressive doing that, but I’m more interested in taking away that servile, nasty tendency that I didn’t like.  It doesn’t need to be dog eat dog out there.  The world of work would be better with more people like me and less people like the Sadist.

I wish I didn’t miss him, but it will go away as soon as I get this design done, and then we can make something beautiful out of it. He can be miserable for the rest of his life, I don’t really care, he probably deserves it.

Here is another song for the charming Shyam Singh.



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