What a strange bunch you are?

Okay so you love The Sadist, but you don’t love Diversity Bingo

You are just wild about  Went to Woo a Porn Star.

You don’t seem too crazy about FTAO NHS

A pattern is beginning to emerge, and it involves simple and slightly sexy titles. This is rather depressing.  I wonder how to break out into the wider world really?  I think this requires some expansion at this point. I am doing well, but not well enough.

Currently I am working on Let’s be Frank,  a comment on what conformity looks like, which I am sure will be an interesting story for other people, but is rather depressingly normal to write.

In the meantime things are looking up work-wise, and I am moving from banking to the world of business consultancy, which looks a lot more fun.  I hope to find fewer stupid people with safe jobs which they remain in by harming people.

Whilst I am doing this, I think I will construct some management courses, since this year has highlighted poor self image as being very expensive to the wider world of business.  Most people would be damaged for life by a small percentage of the stuff that routinely happens to me, but I am very fortunate in that respect, and I guess it is my job to sprinkle some magic dust on the rest of the population.

I have a couple more amusing business titles to do, just as a prequel to the bigger books.  I was looking back over some posts today and it is high time I stopped procrastinating.

I will be available to the public tomorrow if anyone would like to stop by and chat. Don’t bother unless you have sorted your shit out or want to work.

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