Knowing your own worth

It is very difficult, if you happen to be me, to know your own worth.

I get bored very quickly if I am tolerably good at stuff, and I am a knowledge nut – one of the main problems with the last job was that it was not really possible to get the knowledge you felt relevant because it was more of a rule based system that had little in the way of depth.

I am hearing that the people who are still there are being told not to worry about the endless new errors.

Anyway this week I have bigger interviews with bigger people.  Last weeks interviews were with small people for small things.  They haven’t got back to me yet.

Only one interview with a male, and I think that is the only one I have a hope of getting to be honest, as he appreciated my straightforward method of communication.  Having spent most of my time with men over the years I am not sufficiently interested in whether people like me as a rule. Anyway, the dude was all about the work, which I like, and I quite fancy organising teams across major venues, so hopefully I have secured a couple of weeks at least.

The other one was with a call centre that I see from their reviews has an atrocious management system.  That should be helpful, not.  I am now considering whether I should distill the art of management into a book, since nobody seems to know what it is anymore.

The 20 year old that had been sent to interview me was quivering and barking at the same time, asking me questions more appropriate for a school leaver.  She then tried to tell me that in order to tell me whether I had this terrible job she would have to ‘wash up’ and ‘brush up.’

This was clearly management speak for this place.  I also noted that they had squashed an HR department of 20 people into a room I would not keep a cat in, it was so small.

I look forward to my new business cards arriving so that I may go back to my own kind, in my more pleasant idea of surroundings.  We shall see if I can make some space for me to operate effectively, since apparently nobody can read or interpret with any art at all.

I found a fascinating programme provided by adzuna to measure your worth in terms of salary. I did this because I realised that I was pitching too low, on one hand, and did not, because of the ongoing problems with shrunken booze brains, have any opportunity of earning what I’m actually worth.  It turned out that the figure I had guesstimated for my patchwork life was exactly correct, and I am getting slightly better results in terms of return from jobs paying slightly better.

I really need two jobs.  I haven’t stopped trying to make this happen since my mother was killed.  I am taking the view that I need to make Ina, or something along these lines my second job and not worry about stupid people any more.

I miss my mother.  She would have said something sarcastic and yet encouraging at this point. Why are people so fucking stupid?


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