Yay I still have two stalkers

Staring Brat 2 was kind enough to show his face, so I am content.

I was just explaining what happened this morning, and it struck me how comical the entire story is. It’s nice that I can see the funny side.

I think it might be a good angle to tell the story from the perspective of Staring Brat 1, so I might work on that ,  It’s a good exercise.  I’m an absolute bitch for not falling at his feet, naturally.

You can’t help things like lengthy history of being treated badly and the wildcard incident of Staring Brat 2.  That is quite literally the only time I have ever been sufficiently overcome by what I assume was hormones to turn a perfectly ordinary conversation into what turned out to be the beginning of a lengthy nightmare.

Someone was asking whether he was a stalker, given that I again described him as being spectacularly beautiful?  One male staff member said that surely only ugly people were stalkers or rapists? That’s not how it works in this case.

He has no intention of ever speaking to me,  he hasn’t seen me for five months and still feels the need to stare at the website.  That is a stalker.

He was clearly very interested in me and still went out of his way to damage me as much as possible.  That, again, is a stalker, not someone who gives a shit about you.

Most unfortunate, but that’s life.  I was still glad to see him yesterday.  He had a beautiful smile.  It is very sad that very few people are likely to get to enjoy it. I can’t help him with that.

Anyway, hard at work, I have a lot of things to do this week, so toodle pip.




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