Chair update

Working my way through all the boring large bits of sewing as I work on one of my jobs.  Now that this effectively puts a time on my work, I am astonished at what a huge commitment my work is.  I have put in 60 hours already, and very little has been defined.

I think it will be a beautiful piece of work, and it certainly has a lot to say about religion and art history.

Stained glass windows, for example, are meant to represent the hymen of Mary, which is useful, as my first determination was how to combine the wild experimentation of Wolfe with the colonialist Indian influence of Boris in one piece.

As this was originally intended to glorify a Hindu, this is brought together with a touch of the Taj Mahal, and a blaze of colour, it will take several months after the initial sculpt is done.

I have no idea who will want to spend 20 odd grand on a chair, but who cares, it is a fascinating romp and probably my last blast.

I am busily friending lots of unsuspecting male Indians, one of them will be truly blessed in a Shiva/Hindu art kind of way.

Today was not great, someone tried to sell me a very expensive course which I would like to have done, but not enough to spend money that is intended for the chair.  I procured another couple of opportunities instead. Life is a lot more fun like this.

No word from the gorgeous man with the nice vibe has yet.  It is a bit soon, I guess.

Tee hee.


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