What can you do today?

One of the many principles that Wolfe likes to recycle from time to time is the ‘Do it now’ principle.  I cannot remember who originally said it, and I do not particularly care, but the ‘Do it now’ principle is helpful when you are talking yourself out of doing whatever you really want to do.


On the days when I like to forget about the unpleasant reality that is my life and future, I pretend that I have a ceteris paribus situation – all things being equal, there is no reason why I cannot just make a decision and roll with it.  (presumably excluding Wolfe, unless you can muster sufficient motivation to catch him.)


So, rather than your sitting indulging in Candy Crush Saga or things of that ilk, watching too much TV, or otherwise messing about – the question is – what can you do today?  What can you do to get yourself further towards your goals?  What are your goals?  If you do not know this, perhaps it is time for some stocktaking and review of what you really want.


I recall a conversation a while back where a number of people over thirty sat and complained about their partners with a resigned sigh.  I was in my twenties at the time, and said, to be honest, if these people are that imperfect, why not just leave?  You complain about my exs, but at least I left them?  Several times, in many cases.


Eventually I spotted some daft guy or other and decided that nobody else would do, so I got rid of them, since I was now effectively wasting their time. This does not mean that I have to have said guy, it just means that in the absence of alternatives, I did not mind their company, but when ‘my person’ came along, the relationships became pointless.


Several arguments ensued, whether he was good enough, whether I was good enough etc etc.  At the end of the day, does it matter?  You feel the way you feel.  Until this point in my life, relationships have been relatively controllable, and this one merits my attention to a sufficient degree to occupy all my time.  So what? It has no implications for the object of my affection at all.  All that matters is the course of action required to hit my own personal mark, since evidently I found one on a bench, so to speak.


Apparently people over thirty are supposed to become scared of change, scared of growing old alone, and fearful of possible financial implications, so instead they choose to waste their time on conversations like this.  A generalised feeling of powerlessness and selfishness washes over them, and they resign themselves to a life of tolerable misery.  This is ridiculous.  There are plenty of single people at any age, and if you feel you have settled for something, there is no reason why you cannot move on.


Likewise, it is often when you most want something, you become frightened that you might actually get it, or scared of making a fool of yourself trying to get it.  That’s life.  Who dares wins.  You definitely won’t get anywhere if you don’t try.


So, although I hate Wolfe’s recycling journal and pretty much everything else Jim Rohn had to say, I suggest you take this one on board.  Do it now.  What can you do today to get yourself further towards a goal? Any goal.  Set one and go for it. Be selfish, even if it is only for fifteen minutes a day.




And just in case David actually stops by and reads this.  It’s your nose.  Your feet are OK, but mainly your nose.  Everything else is appalling.

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