A Grotty Health Post

So, today I have done another couple of courses, am working on another one and am considering one which involves taking a day off work, shock horror.

My throat is very swollen because I have returned to the diet I was on before I had to take one of my current jobs.  I am now on a couple of bulbs of garlic every day and am drinking supermix once more.

This is a good thing, as it verifies that I was harbouring an infection that was unlikely to ever be picked up and I will be feeling much better soon.  I do not think I will be stopping the garlic again any time soon.

The reason I had not been on it since having this job is that pooping quite as often as one does on supermix is not very convenient when you are relying on other people’s toilets, however I do not like the health problems associated with my age group, and so whenever I encounter one I do something about it.

Over the winter, due to the cold, I had been indulging in my winter diet, which is more convenient as it involves fewer toilet visits and is more comforting.  This involves a lot of steamed vegetables, sweet potato, some meat and raw chocolate.  Comforting though this is, and extremely healthy, it is not the ultimate diet for keeping you away from health problems.  Supermix is pretty much always the answer.

So, I have been back on Supermix for a few days, and started on the garlic cure the day before yesterday, now I am processing infection which involves a little misery before you experience the bliss of feeling twenty years younger than you actually are.

I had an actual spot a couple of weeks ago, which came as a bit of a shock as I have not had a spot since the first time I went raw ten years ago.  This means that I was getting some toxic build up, probably from protein bars which I was also enjoying over winter as when not raw I low carb to avoid incessant weight gain on a ‘normal’ diet.

Now I have gone back into full detox mode, I will not be experiencing this again.  I can look forward to looking and feeling much better soon.

Apart from that, all good, not doing any work today as I am a bit annoyed after some rubbish I encountered over the weekend.

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