The NHS, Social Work and Nutrition

The NHS, Social Work and Nutrition

Well, my experience so far with the drama surrounding my mother’s apparently revolutionary diet has been very poor.

The assigned social worker, after I spent some time explaining to her how the diet worked, went behind my back to yet another set of nurses to try to generate some ‘concerns’ about my mother’s diet, which has so far.

  • caused her to re-engage with the TV for the first time in over a year,
  • her oedema, which she had had for five years is now gone,
  • a pressure sore which the NHS had told me would take over 8 months to clear up has now vanished,
  • and her GP has gushed over her blood test results as her white cell count has improved markedly in a very short space of time.
  • She is well on the way to being able to stand up from being unable to move at all

My mother is getting well, and the social work department DOES NOT LIKE IT AT ALL, and is trying to engage the NHS in fighting off this dangerous nutritional revolution.

On leaving hospital, she was prescribed 2 bottles of Ensure, a double dose of laxative and a double dose of antacid, which was listed as causing inflammation (how any drug company managed to combine the qualities of antacid with pro-inflammation is a mystery – but it was clearly intended to cause sufficient pain to necessitate a painkiller, which I fought off as my mother has dementia)

So, today I looked up the nutritional properties of Ensure, as I am pig-sick of explaining the very well thought out diet to stupid people who presumably imagine that a plastic bottle with a label constitutes responsibility, whereas a freshly prepared, highly technical wholefood diet is sheer infamy.

Ensure, and you can check out more details from the livestrong website, consists of sugar, salt and a few vitamin chemicals.  In its basic form it supplies 250 calories per 8oz bottle, all of them bad calories from bad sources such as soy, sugar and anything non natural and cheap that they can get their hands on.  Potential side effects include constipation, diahorrea and heart palpitations.  It is not a good food, and no responsible person would give it to anybody.  The NHS has a contract for it, and if you wish to stop using it, you are likely to have a fight on your hands. They were giving her 500 calories a day and expecting her to die, she now gets 1500 from me and is likely to live.

I was already in the bad books as I had dropped the antacid, which was causing pain and confusion, and had replaced all of the above with Supermix, which I make at home from a plethora of natural ingredients and herbs which I spent years researching when I was a raw foodist.

Now, after explaining my mother’s diet at length to at least five different disapproving people, and after they have seen that she is gaining weight, an improved colour and regaining functionality, the social work department are agitating so-called professionals from the NHS in condemning my mother’s diet which consists of Supermix, 2-3 avocados, coconut cream, and another five or six portions of fruit and vegetables.  Now that she has been doing this for a month, she is also regaining her appetite, and so she has a solid meal every day or so.  Because I have alkalised her system, and because her diet is inherently easy to digest and pass, anti-inflammatory and antacid, she can now have one meal of almost anything when she wants it.  Most of the time, however, she prefers supermix, which also contains a full spectrum of antioxidant therapy as part of the one-stop solution.

Apparently nutritional training in the NHS is so poor, that my explanations are not enough for these people.  They have a salary, and therefore I am to consider them experts, even though they do not give a damn about my mother and had written her off as dying.

I apologised to the social worker for my mother’s wellness yesterday, and became quite irate at the system which apparently dictates that I am to be interrogated on an indefinite basis because they are too frightened to admit that the NHS is not good at everything.  Personally, the only thing I rely on the NHS for is scanning, surgery and a small number of medications.  Doctors are not all-knowing, nor are they particularly responsible and unless the social work department go out and find someone who has not been taught the holy bible of relying on substandard chemical based products to solve every problem, they are unlikely to get everything right.

Sadly, it may turn out that all my efforts are in vain, as the social work department are keen to get my mother incarcerated in a place who will supply her with all the chemicals they can pay for.  They are gradually trying to insinuate themselves into my life in an effort to discredit me to achieve this, so all I can really do is carry on healing her and try to ignore what they are doing.  They have now started to ingratiate themselves with my thieving family.

I said to the very young social worker this week that as I was the crutch that my mother leans on, and my siblings were the pickpockets waiting to pick over the carrion, their system seems a bit stupid and corrupt.  I was assured that they need to get reports from a bunch of people who do not know or care about my mother in place of the evidence in front of them – that I do not want their help and my mother is getting well.

It is remarkable that people in rented accommodation and small houses struggle to get a social worker at all, and I, because my mother has a very nice house that I have taken great care of, am under gestapo levels of scrutiny simply for making her well. When I pointed it out to the social worker, he seemed to think it was funny.


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