The Worst Cluster B Personality Disorder

One of the things I write about when I am not Ina Disguise is dealing with people with personality disorders.  I also talk about aging and weight issues.  I spent quite a bit of time over the last year or two under another name writing about those things, and people found it quite helpful.

So which is the worst personality disorder?  Having been fortunate enough to spend quality time with my friend, who was a psychologist, I have now had the luxury of experiencing most of them.

Despite people being very shocked and dismayed at the actions of narcissists, usually because they have not encountered them before adulthood and have no means of defending themselves when they do, and despite my own shady experiences with them, I think for me the worst is the Histrionic, because they are very, very boring, brittle and somewhat aggressive characters that you cannot really communicate with unless you are stupidly sympathetic.

They often accompany the central disorder with forcing their views on you about fashion, weight, age, how you should live your life (just like theirs) etc.  They do not learn much due to their issues, and really there isn’t much use for them unless you have a sales job you want them to do and which benefits from psychotic tunnel vision and usually greed.

If you are dull witted or simply young and lazy and don’t bother to find out what the issue is with them, it is usually easier just to agree with them, especially if they have money and stuff to offer you.  This makes it particularly pointless to develop any kind of relationship with them.

At least with a narcissist you can do the emotional pavane, and with a borderline you can leave before disaster strikes, with a histrionic this is not even possible as they will simply gawk at you and ask you and everyone else what you are doing. They seem to enjoy aggressive stupidity.  They will then project whatever they have done onto you as if it is your fault, hilariously not noticing that other humans are functional and will notice the obvious flaws in what they’re saying.

The aging histrionic is particularly sad, they invest a lot in facecream and envy, and they can be persistent pests.

Having been in freeze mode for the equivalent of several years due to quite extensive abuse, I can tell you that such people are not safe to be around, and should you realise that you are being targetted by one, you should not be at all shy about going no contact.  It will not serve you well or develop your character one bit to be forbearing.

One religious nut tried to tell me that God wants you to maintain contact with your blood relatives.  I am afraid that I had a zero tolerance response to this, and listed the things that God certainly does not want or need you to tolerate.

If you are on the receiving end of crap behaviour from family, don’t look back.  They won’t change.





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