Terrified of Two Grapes

Little Shiva is on the closing layers now, and is becoming a royal pain to work with.  Bumped into Frank fae the bank again, and he was terrified.  Very serious Indian man also terrified, so things are going well.  After the carpet layer is done, sometime this week or so, I will be backing it and then assembling on a free day.

Starting to get people at the car more often now, which I find amazingly tiring but it is very nice that they are so excited about Little Shiva.

Two Grapes is actually going really well, but I am slightly frightened of it because it is very important to me.  This is no good, you don’t flow well when scared, so I need to talk my game up a bit. I have certainly learned a lot about myself from this one. I am looking forward to gifting it and then moving on to dealing with my unruly kitchen floor.

Haram Bawbag is looking rather stunning, but I am doing a few experimental things with it.  I have combined the idea of the carousel with a zoetrope, so I think it will be very nice, and a little insane, which is entirely appropriate.  The Helter Skelter went very well.

Feeling very sad for people that cannot move on with their lives.  It is very sad to spend your time trying to steal other people’s money.  Why not find something constructive to do? I was given this job for a reason, the reason being that everyone always knew what you’re like.




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