Progress update August 2

Haram Bawbag has moved on significantly,  and I think will now be called Joy is not Haram, as I felt the message was more important than the catchy name for a variety of reasons.  It is looking good, but there is a way to go.

Two Grapes has made it past stage 1 and I am in possession of all of the required objects now, so I just have to pluck up courage to find the tiny beautiful man, who appears to be very busy with a project right now as I have not seen him for weeks. I am unusually serious about the tiny beautiful man, so I am a little edgy about this one.

A variety of entirely unfamiliar thoughts have broken through a work cycle I have had for years.  I usually make things on the basis of not getting involved with the person, for whatever reason.  Working on Two Grapes has been very different.  I am worrying about him a lot more than the piece, it is not clinical at all.

I may go into more detail about this at a later date, but it feels a bit  personal at the moment.

Little Shiva is on the home run for the central portion, which means it will be moving to the girder for hanging shortly.  Once I have the other two pieces finished, Little Shiva will be getting a variety of fairly complex additions and will take a couple more months.

Very busy with other things, and life is about to get very expensive, so will be upping the income shortly.


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