Day 50 of 2020

Right so I still have about four courses to do, but progress is positive, and I have make a positive decision to keep moving forwards rather than staying still or retreating.

I am not sure how this will end up manifesting itself but we shall see what happens.

I have now settled into a routine which comprises of securing foreign currency, having some employed as well as self-employed income and developing the businesses.

Now my attention has turned to my health, which was feeling not so great due to my level of cold at work in winter months.  It has not been as bad this year as last, but I do seem to react badly to it.

All being well, we are now on course, and I am commencing work on an expansion project this evening.  I have put the sewing away at the moment as Grumpy annoyed me so much that I do not feel like sewing at the moment.  I may do some more work on the Boris project whilst I ponder that one.

We are now doing about three years of work concurrently, which I think is a bit too much, so the sooner I get rid of some of the older work the better.

Apart from that, all good, doing some lazy coursework just now.

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