Long Day

Well, that was a long and very upset day.  I see the Cluster Bs have all been on looking to brighten up their dull dull lives.

It is interesting that people so keen to damage you are so keen to soak up other people damaging you.  Little Shiva and his tedious wife, Staring Brat 1, my repellent sister have all  been on today to soak up some angst.

I am not sure why this entertains them so much.  Could it be that they are just so incredibly boring that they don’t actually do anything themselves?

I think this is probably the answer.  They have bugger all in their heads apart from trying to get some negativity out of other people.

Narcissists are not useful individuals, and they rarely if ever do anything positive for anybody. It is far too much of a stretch for them.

Oddly enough, the only person in the last two years worth doing anything for is our current Prime Minister, and Twisty made sure I couldn’t complete that project.  When I ask him to come up with something constructive to say, he has nothing to replace that with.

Weatherproofing is going well. Don’t know why I am bothering, he will probably just throw Two Grapes out.



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