The age of intelligent crumpet.

Oddly, shortly after I finished the post yesterday, ex number 2 turned up on the doorstep out of the blue.

If I was a superstitious person, I would wonder what was going on?

He was in Braveheart and a few other notable films.  I can only assume that he is very lonely, because we usually fall out fairly quickly.  Perhaps we have now reached the age where I fall into the category of ‘good nick,’ or newly- ‘thinking man’s crumpet.’  He was a bit disappointed that I still do not drink, and no longer partake in coffee and tea.  This makes it well nigh impossible to socialise. (tee hee)

I am going to have to tune into Wolfe at a not too distant point in the future and re-listen to get the tone on the game right. I am kind of dreading this, so I will lay the basic story and information down first and then do it.

For the uninitiated, to a trained ear, Wolfe as a public speaker is like an undiscovered beach covered in shells, rocks and little pearls.  After the usual first response, I came to rather like it.  Sometimes it does make me more than a little crazy, but I usually come away with several treasures.

Remade the sample video for Best Adventure Ever

Otherwise, I will be releasing Bordello Rhetoric this week.  This is the key piece in the Boris Johnson collection, directly drawing from Honey, I made you an icon, although the latter is a little magical.  I do not spread my magic lightly, so although Bordello Rhetoric is probably the flashier and more directly accessible piece – and it is certainly very large – I would hazard a guess that Honey, I made you an icon is actually more valuable in terms of artistic madness.

In case anyone is wondering – the Boris period has no implication for Wolfe as my muse.  It is a necessary part of the process to create a counterpoint to establish the method of communication.  I do realise that my work is very confusing, even for close friends to get a handle on, never mind my poor muse, who must be very confused indeed, particularly as in Wolfe’s case, a bit of leakage into reality is ongoing. How much leakage is really up to him, long term.

I am very much looking forward to having my studio back, so I will be scraping together some money for resin to get some of the rest out very soon indeed.  You would not believe the mess working with resin makes.  I will be chipping it off the workbenches for months to come.


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