Fire coat and Little Shiva

Finally managed to get Little Shiva on the way, doing a range of footstools with the new work, and working on the Fire Coat.

You may be astonished at the amount of thought and time that has gone into this new update, however it is very large and I have not worried about time whilst doing it.

I wasn’t really in an emotional state to continue after my most recent bereavement, but it has been over 18 months now, Bawbag is off the streets so I am now at the point of being able to problem solve the thorny issue of Little Shiva, which has been quite an engineering feat.

It will still be delightfully wonky, however building an egg from the yolk out turns out to be quite a difficult thing to do.

It is now four years since I saw Little Shiva, so as you can imagine it is not feeling quite as raw as it was when I started the piece of work and I am thinking in a more detailed way about what I want with it.  This means the shell is now just as important as the interior, so it is worth taking your time over things if you have that luxury.

The footstools will go well with it, and means I am going more into the sculptural elements of my creative thinking.  I do think more 3d than 2 so this makes sense.

Recovery generally is slow, but I see a difference every day.  I unfortunately tried to rush it and injured a foot, but it is healing also.

That’s it. Don’t rate my recent choices much.  Making new ones.


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