Little Shiva’s lips

So now the bottom two layers of the egg, lips and tongues are done, I will now be working on layer three of the stitching element, and I have decided to add a stitched stem to the egg for the purposes of making the chair comfortable to sit on.

The lengha has been bought, it is on its way from India, the Trishul currently on offer is a bit expensive, so I will be waiting to get a bigger one that I can afford, or I will stitch that too if it is too much money.

Going to get the whisky barrel to start work on it tomorrow.

Layer three is far more intricate and there is a lot of stabilising work to do on the layers I have now done.  I am also awaiting some stuff from China to put the finishing touches on when the next part is done.

Need some Harris tweed yarn and will be contacting my friend for more variations of that.  It is extremely helpful for top level sculpting.

May need another Lengha or a sari or two if I can find something appropriate, but for now things are looking good.  The lips are gorgeous.

Looking forward to doing some resin work, as it makes the rest of my life far easier when it gets to that stage.  Stitching is intense focus and very long hours, resin is patience and about an hour a day for weeks or sometimes months.

Decided not to go with the Ohms.

This is a truly epic task.  Cried a bit this morning because I liked Little Shiva so much, and it was such a waste. It is not a case of being unable to move on so much as – that moment of intensity had never happened before and it will not be happening again.  It is a shame.

Never mind.




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