Glass Walls ETA

Thank you, Wolfe, that cheered me up.

Right for the exs that are still viewing the blog, I expect you to view this

You don’t have to be quite this fit, but certainly doing some dancing would be helpful as I do not want anyone to die inside the Boris costume, and if they do I need to replace them.

I will be looking around for a few people of the same build, as the filming is likely to be short notice and quite scatty, and I do not want anyone to make themselves ill.

Boris is at the £5000 sex doll for a frustrated female Labour MP stage, but I would rather get him to the £10000 sex doll for a Tory MP stage, so I reckon between that and an awkward financial situation which means I am going to be impoverished for six weeks before the end of the tunnel, so to speak, we are looking at launching at the end of April.

Those lips should be made illegal, or something.  It is not until you are gently sculpting somebody’s face that you notice these things.  Supermodels would kill to have lips like Boris.  I reckon I would probably recognise him blind now, so many times have I gone over his face.

Almost at the stage of inserting the eyebrows and then I will have to do his hair, but even bald it is definitely him now.

Apart from that, having a few issues with textile tension issues.  Flags are not meant to be used like this.

So ETA on parliament, providing things go well, is July/August. I am off for a day or two before the mega workload hits, so I will get the paperwork underway.

Will need to get you through the next general election too, so I envisage this taking up a few months between finishing the games, the books and getting back to my beautiful book for Wolfe.

And no, this does not mean I am now a rampant Conservative, or that I no longer believe in independence.  This is about supporting a visionary who unusually, actually has a clue about history and politics.





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