Nearing completion of Joy is Power

When i say nearing completion, it may be halfway by Christmas as I have added a rather time consuming addition to the project.

So the collection will either be

Joy is Power, United Colours of Finnieston


Joy is Power, Disunited Colours of Finnieston

I haven’t decided yet which is funnier, but there is a lot of new work which will be released and I will be redoing the car.

The car was only done because Bawbag would not stop pestering me and I wanted to make sure that his malicious gossip didn’t affect my work there, but of course it did, since the film was not possible.

At least he saved me 30k, I suppose. Not one person stepped forward to offer anything in the way of support, despite me working it as hard as was possible at the time.  One store, the clothing shop at the top of the street (can’t remember the name) were very quick to naysay it before even thinking about it, so no plans to show any support for them ever again.

I have said it before, but out of all the people I have met since my mother and Twisty died there are only two that I still talk to, and that is in the very brief moment that I am passing through.  I think it is difficult to make any kind of connection with people when they are so negative.

I have thought of a number of potential ways of reviving the project, not feeling very committed to any of them because there is no way of talking about it.

Bit fed up all things considered. Some of my best creative work is done when I am fed up, however.

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