August Update 1 Little Shiva and Two Grapes

I haven’t updated for a week or so, and I see Little Shiva is needing an update, so here it is.

I have got Little Shiva to Layer four quite early, and it is now becoming very exhausting to work, as it is a bit bigger than a person, and it is now getting to the stiff stage.  I may need to add some more bells and whistles, but the Sanskrit lower layer is in place and I am increasing the tension on the structure.  I should be ready to add the carpet layer next week or so, which is quite exciting.

The audience seems to be sufficiently entranced to be circulating videos of me working on it in the car, and several people have been delighted as I have added signs to the car so that they can look up what I am doing if they want to.  I will probably do some of the finishing work on the shell in public, possibly in my favourite coffee shop during the week if things are looking good enough.

Two Grapes is going better than expected so far.

I put in quite a number of failsafes as I was not sure if I was quite competent enough to do what I wanted to do with it, as a result it is going too well for some of the effects I wanted to add.  This is a good thing, however, and I have also managed to procure several more items than expected to add to it.  It is intended as children’s art as I have noticed that smaller children get quite bored watching the adults drinking coffee.  It is reasonably classy however, so we will see if I can keep up this level of focus throughout.

Haram Bawbag‘s glass is coming early next week, which means another lot of work.  I have started the resin process on the external structure now but this will take at least a week as I am textile sculpting a helter skelter and a carousel.  I am also considering what to call it, as I think Haram Bawbag doesn’t cover the message entirely.

Pretty happy with things at the moment.  I will be searching out the webbing for the backing on Little Shiva, after this I will be constructing windows, waterproofing the work I have done, adapting the lengha and figuring out what beadwork I then need to do to make it flow correctly.  I also need to make a final decision on the trishul.

Iain Duncan Smith has fallen by the wayside until I free up some space and time to work.  I am working on a psycholinguistics project at the moment, so things are pretty busy.

I hope everyone is OK and reasonably happy, and I will update once I have a spare minute to think. Wolfe is invading my head a bit at the moment, so I think it is time to up the game a bit other than the art.

Lots of affection,


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