OK so stage 1 is complete (health)

Health update.

Well I do not have detailed results, however we do have a reduction of blood pressure from 190/110 at its worst, when I was horrified enough to need but not get a GP to 140/80.

Headaches are pretty much gone, skin healing almost correctly, I do have a large jar of fermented young garlic, which I got from my favourite shop to get through, it has been fermenting for about six weeks so should be worth doing now.

Found a cheap source of kombucha to add to the main source of diet, I sort of like it, but not a lot so it is just a digestible addition to the mix.

No longer doing any fruit heavier than a berry, which suits me far better, as full force fruit such as pineapple was sending me off to lengthy sleep and I got a bit fed up struggling to stay awake, although my month or so of fruit seems to have done the trick with my liver as despite not changing shape all that much I am far more flexible than I was.

Basically the self repair so far seems to have focussed on bringing the swelling down, my face is sufficiently improved for me to be getting eyed/chatted up pretty much every time I’m out again, which is a bit of a relief as being invisible is not particularly good fun. A woman in her thirties who had no idea what age I was tried to insult me this morning, which was quite gratifying, so I got a bit of a laugh out of that.

There are some things, such as some burns I managed to incur because of pain and hot water bottles, which may take a bit longer to heal, so I think I will be hitting the vitamin E for that.

In terms of feeling a bit muggy and slow, this has almost entirely been eradicated by thinning my blood down, I have been careful to take this in stages, the full force supermix thins your blood quite a bit without adding the cloves and garlic, so I thought it was probably a bit high risk to do it all at once.  We are at the point of supermix plus cloves and garlic now and again at the moment, the next stage may involve a bit of mix and matching with big garlic salads so that my blood doesn’t get too thin.  I did this 12 years ago and ended up very arty and not very businesslike when I was doing everything at once, so you have to know what you’re doing a bit.

Pain considerably less and breathing much improved.  The only thing holding things back now is my unwillingness to deal with people, so a lot has to be done when they are not around.  More ready to tackle big tasks now, and I have quite the list to deal with.

I’m inclined to think the residual issues will dissipate when I start walking extensively again, which will have to be carefully managed as I dont want to land in bed again. I do have a kind of grumbling going on with the kidney, but I suspect this is a stone and will be watching the oxalates pending speaking to a doctor, which takes three weeks currently.

I kind of gave up after the Little Shiva episode because I was so upset.  Bawbag just tried to hammer a nail in my coffin, nobody is likely to get to affect me like that again.

Odd to find you have an emotional set up that corresponds to a batshit crazy criminal, but whatevs.

So total weight loss over the entire course of stage 1, with a year’s injury interruption has been 66, which was not so much fat as swelling and lymphatic issues.  Now the harder work starts to get the phagocytes and lymphocytes on the job.

Toodle pip.




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