Muslims following Andrew Tate

So last night I was listening to someone very serious about combatting the menace of Andrew Tate.

I have seen thousands of Andrew Tates over the years, inevitably they eventually meet some woman that overpowers them, whether that is intellectually, physically or some other way and they STFU.

Misogynists are pretty easy to dominate.  I know because it was so easy to get to the top of a career path that was full of them.

In the course of listening to her I found a lot of presumably not very serious Muslims who are actually taking him seriously.

Why they would take Andrew Tate seriously and not Roosh V, who is a watered down version of him, presumably relates to money, however as someone with a lot of male Muslim acquaintances I am forced to point out that this is illustrates a major issue with standards within Islam generally.

If the followers of Mohammed are so easily distracted that they choose to follow a man who openly admits to violence against women and human trafficking, they aren’t very good representatives of Islam.

This is down to Imams at local level.  If theological education were improved, they would not find anything to resonate with with Andrew Tate.  There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Any serious Muslim would tell you that Andrew Tate is an infidel of the worst kind, out to exploit and distract true believers. Any Muslim following Andrew Tate and listening to what he says, is therefore, not to be taken at all seriously.  Clearly the subjugation of women and acquisition of money is more important to them than faith.

Why this is not being addressed within the faith or noticed by those choosing to discuss him I do not know.  You would have to ask them.

It certainly makes an outsider think that the position of Islam against women is no longer ambiguous, for a start.

I don’t see the appeal, to be honest, in listening to an immature man rant about his limited knowledge of the world, but I am not an immature male so I am not in the market for his work.  He is making a few million per month out of these guys, which makes his bragging more of a self fulfilling prophecy.  Nice work for an aging kickboxer.

Anyway, if you are one of the people that are daft enough to get involved with or even feel the need to discuss Andrew Tate as anything other than a dilettante fleecing young men for money, think about what you are saying about your faith.  I found numerous articles linking Andrew Tate to Islam last night, and it ain’t pretty.  It certainly won’t encourage any women to revert.

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