Sauce for the Swan

I know it’s usually a goose, but it seems apt.

Family entertainment at its best.

There is no rule that states women have to pretend to be stupid to believe your bullshit, SB.

Why would you even make up something that spurious? She is awfully dumb for such a cheeky little girl.

And no, I was not laid off, I was terminated for inappropriate conduct which consisted of a polite email and an attempt to give your husband a book about stress, dear.  Considerably different when you try to get another job.

For the benefit of the audience, staring brat team leader 2 is now trying to blame staring brat team leader 1 for everything.  He apparently expects us to believe that staring brat team leader 1 magically gained access to his email and personal messages and persuaded the Manager to then blame staring brat number 2 for everything when talking to me, keeping himself out of the picture in an effort to appear heroic.

Whilst staring brat team leader 1 had already tried this tactic and failed (because he was enormous and I have no interest in anybody that looks as if he can break my neck easily, including team leader 2), so it is plausible from that point of view, staring brat team leader 1 did not force staring brat team leader 2 to behave like an arse, nor did he tell him never to disclose that he had a perfectly serviceable wife in addition to the beautiful and also married girl he denies having a very obvious relationship with in the office.

Wow, this is the stupidest reason for getting fired ever, but it is nice to be so gorgeous when I am SOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOLD!  If only I got to have fun with this rather inconvenient quality I seem to have. Imaginary Wolfe is right, this will not stop until I am unfuckable.

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