Job Statistics so far for Scotland

We are on the three weeks since the swan crapped on me again.

Wage rates are in decline since I last had to bother doing any of this, which was approximately a decade ago.


Meter reading – a very difficult job which involves being paid for part time hours,  walking full time to achieve targets and climbing a lot of stairs, you need a car.  I was physically attacked twice doing this job, once by a policeman and once by four violent neds (I won) – 1998 this job paid £7.70 an hour.  In 2018 this job pays £7.70 per hour.

Cleaning – is now available from £7.83 to £12 per hour if you have your own car and are relatively respectable.  I could have done this for lecturers at uni for £10 – as this was 16 years ago or so, again in decline but bearing up well compared to office work

Wiping bottoms – also known as caring.  If you do this for your loved ones, you get £65 per week for 24 hour a day care.  If you do it as a profession you get from £8-14 per hour, again better than office work.

Office work – Twenty years ago I was averaging £8.50 as an administrator.  This was anything from audio typing to supervising a team of health and safety administrators.  Now I am told that I should not be asking for £9 as this is apparently too difficult for agencies to fill.  I have held out for more complex admin roles, and am looking at £10-14 roles, however it is more likely that I am in the market for entry level graduate roles at £20k.  (Also see yesterday’s post on financial services in decline.)

Kitchen portering or washing dishes, bar work – This is commanding £8-£9 at the moment, and requires no unusual skills, besides which you have a better scope in terms of getting more hours.  If you go with waiting tables, you get tips on top of this, but sometimes these are shared so you have a bit of money on top of your obvious income.  This makes it better than office work, and considerably better for your health.

My crap CV and allegedly useless experience have so far got me six interviews, one within an hour and a half of looking for work.  If I listened to agencies, I would have been working for minimum wage and presumably part-time begging to survive some time ago.  Glasgow is bursting at the seams with inverted snobs who do not like you, your education or anything about you so you are far better off doing without them. Your degree seems to be a liability.

A recent project I was on was actively discouraging Scottish people from jobs in Scotland and saving places for more English or foreign nationals on particular shifts.

If you didn’t know you were at war, please note this carefully.



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