Yes Boris, Nah Tory – Coronavirus

This last month has been utterly sickening.  May the thoughtlessness of people know no bounds.

Apparently Boris cannot follow basic instructions.  I too have had the virus, followed my own instructions and was fine, despite the best efforts of the person who stated that he was ‘not bothered in the least’ about infecting me.

I was very lucky, because I immediately donned protective gear on the off chance that I had been infected. I was able to work from home throughout being ill .

As my efforts via our incompetent government evidently fell on deaf ears at the WHO, I have contacted the WHO to ask why they are pretending not to know that people exhale.

I have also discussed the matter with a Senior medical practitioner in India and with a government official in Africa (don’t know which country, I took what I could get.)

I should not have to rely on anecdotal evidence from Wuhan via youtube to find out how best to protect myself, and why they seem so keen on having the sheeple infect each other I do not know. Something serious is most definitely afoot.

Also rather jarring is the patchy provision of PPE to the NHS.  Staunch Tory areas are reporting no problems at all, whilst other NHS providers have endless problems with equipment and actively refuse to allow medical staff to protect the public and themselves by COVERING THEIR MOUTHS.

The delightful tories of twitter have responded to Boris falling ill with this being a team game and issue of personal fortitude, which is how tories think.  If the problem doesn’t happen to them, it doesn’t exist or it is a matter of personality.

In the meantime, civil liberties have been attacked for the next two years, with the public cheering them for doing it.  This is not OK.

Another issue which has been highlighted by this is the incredible racism displayed by people’s reaction to it.

China attempted to contain the infection, and when they failed to do so, accepted responsibility.  It still may not be their responsibility.  I suggested to an enterprising journalist today that he examine similar incidents of mysterious outbreaks near research facilities in other parts of the world rather than jumping on the ‘we all hate China because they sell stuff’ bandwagon. It’s just racism.  Racism is racism.

Someone suggested to me that we wait for the results of Austria and some other white country to see if we could end the lockdown.  The best results are still those of South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.  Enough with the fucking racism now.

So, right you dont like poor people so they can die whilst supplying you with shopping.  You don’t like elderly people, so they can die because you are quite happy for them to be declined medical treatment as long as it is out of sight and the care is provided by an unmasked and badly paid carer, who is also at high risk of being infected, but nobody cares.  You don’t mind that the NHS is actually being used to TRANSMIT THE VIRUS, because all you have to do to create that situation is refuse to allow staff to wear PPE, as actually happened to more than one nurse and doctor.  You don’t mind being a bit racist, as long as it is towards people in the far east who cannot answer you back, even though they have been far more responsible than your own government. You don’t mind that disabled people are being asked to sign DNR and refuse medical treatment even if they need it, as long as it is nice and tidy and in their own homes.

The flu jab makes you far more susceptible to the virus.  I was asked if I wanted one not two weeks before the announcements started.  No thanks.  I’m not in your playpen.

If Boris does not come out of hospital ready to make some serious changes to English culture, I will personally make it my business to taketh away.  Capiche, Lucifer? It is now blisteringly obvious that those snivelling wimps you surround yourself are no match at all for anyone.

The rest of you are sychophantic, murderous, hateful twats and I don’t know if I actually care anymore.  There are billions of people in the world who have only fruit and facemasks for protection.  My guess is that they’ll fare a lot better than you in this pandemic.

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Boris the Conservative Muse

First of all, sorry about the lack of posts. I was a bit upset at the whole survey debacle. I had hoped that Scotland had grown out of the divisive poor self image crap that has led, on a personal basis to my being unemployable because I work too hard, and on a national basis, to a bunch of sheep playing follow my leader instead of developing their own political ideas. In addition, twitter decided to block the website, and so it was not really possible to do anything with the site until they actually read their emails.


I cannot see this being successful for the future, and so I choose to simply opt out of the argument. I was posting pro independence posts for long enough before I did the survey, and the response was overwhelmingly negative on both sides. In short, Scotland is a bit fail, and this is unlikely to change within my lifetime.


It is an interesting process, developing the ina disguise concept for a different person, who has this time been deliberately selected rather than the usual involuntary process. For Boris I have taken a small crowd of unemployed furniture, and rather than starving or threatening it, which would not have worked at all, I have invested time and money in it. (rather a lot of money, I had to sell my back up computers and shoes, amongst other things, to pay for the materials, some of which had to be imported from India)


I am sure any conservative would be delighted that my artwork has never cost anybody else anything. I spent the early part of my life overworking, avoiding having a social life and buying materials. I now have two rooms full of materials and tools, and because I cannot leave the house due to caring for my mother and her property 24/7, I now have time to do something with them. They will also be delighted to hear that we cannot access any of the services we are entitled to, as our local council is so corrupt that they openly admit to gunning for your house and savings if you try to use anything. Basically the only way around this is to not save anything in the course of your life.


Anyway, the Boris development is going to expand the existing threads to the work, so the Boris Experience, as such, has not really started yet. I do like the new ideas and confidence, however. Time will tell if this is a good development.


I did write about fear of status loss being a factor in people’s votes for independence. I have been chewing this over, since it is something I know rather a lot about. A good part of my family’s behaviour towards me and their mother was about status anxiety. I had a frankly crap, and certainly cheap education in comparison to them, and I am the most qualified person in the family.


It seems to me that status is a very destructive thing, to gain and to fear losing. It leads to irrational and poor behaviour towards others. Class is not the problem, money is not the problem. Status, real or imaginary, is the problem. If we start to say ‘fuck status’ where does that leave us?


Probably a lot happier, and certainly more open to new ideas than the miserable people I have had the misfortune to deal with.


I am in Tatler for the December issue, not in person of course. I am sure they will be delighted to have the Boris experience next year.

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The Boris Experience

Haven’t bothered to write a post recently, as I have been busy working on the first pieces for the Boris Experience, which should be ready next month or so.


I have also changed tack significantly on the visual novel, and I think I will also work on one for David Wolfe as yet another freebie, since this worked relatively well with free books. As a prelude for the game I want to make featuring David, which is a real winner, I think it is probably a good idea, providing he doesn’t get annoyed about it.


The website is now fine according to Google, but Twitter is still not allowing me to post the website and so I have limited use for it. At least it forced me to look into security options.


I think Boris will appreciate the humour in this first set of items, thereafter I will be catching up with some reading for the book which will inevitably accompany the artwork.


In Tatler this month, with the Misery Mandala, so if you are a Tatler reader, look out for that.

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Letter to Boris

Dear Boris,


I don’t usually do this, but then I don’t usually make a conscious decision to pick anybody.  Work is going reasonably well, and I should be up to date with background tasks in about ten days or so, which means I will be starting the new work.


In the meantime, I am concerned about your health.  To save some time and energy, rather than wasting your time or mine on hints, I think you should get yourself some seaweed, some omega 3 seeds, some wheatgrass and some barleygrass.  Soak the seeds every night, add some green leafy vegetables, some stevia or honey and the wheat and barleygrass, whether powder or freeze dried to the mixture in the morning.  Then add fruit until it tastes reasonably pleasant.  Raw cacao powder is also very good for improving the mineral content and flavour.  Since you are probably being plied with over rich food constantly, please ensure that you eat a green salad with every meal.  You will find that if you eat a tiny bit of the green salad before you start, your digestion will function much better. Try to choose the fish and ignore the potatoes/bread/pasta etc. Your overall functionality should improve in about a week.


I realise that it is not easy to ignore idiots at work, but you are dealing with at least two, so try to work around it.  I have some proposals, which will be included in the charming book I am preparing for you.  This will be released free of charge, since I am not famous, and I do not do this for money as such. (chance would be a fine thing) I will probably release it from the website, so as to retain full copyright, hence it will not have huge distribution.  I do this directly for the person I am writing/making objects for rather than the general public. It is a bit quirky, but perhaps eventually I will learn to like money somewhat more than I do at present.


Usually, I have some sort of emotional event and the creativity takes over because I feel terrible.  You have been selected because I was seized with concern that you feel terrible, and I would like you not to feel terrible.  I hope that this makes some sense.


This oddity was created by my father, who was also an artist and forbade me from taking up art as a living on the grounds that better art is created  by people who cannot help it.  It is a rather repressive way of working, but perhaps this is me breaking out of it. It also seems like a rather good opportunity to return to my academic work, which is highly relevant to you in particular.


I do have a considerable pile of work still to finish from the Wolfe collection, but this will be completed whilst I carry out the Boris experience. It does not mean my attention is at all divided, it just means that my time is somewhat limited.


I do hope that you take my oddness in the spirit in which it is meant, and do get on with those trade deals, regardless of the oppressive shit on a plate you are doubtlessly being kept on a leash for.  It is extremely important.


Thank you in anticipation of your patience.

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Boris Exhaustion

So, I now have three Boris related books on the way from ebay – I was very picky, there are a few more that I didn’t bother with, I have several lengthy videos on youtube to sit through, and I dabbled with a few family ones, since that is the point I am at with the book.  I am already suffering from Boris exhaustion.  There is an awful lot of material and associated reading to do.


On the plus side, I see that my approach is totally radical, and may make readers weep a bit.  Presumably this is a good thing.


It has been incredibly difficult to get the feeling of the thing across to Twisty, who knows my work and knows me extremely well.  He is making a lovely job of the cover, but it is not easy to convey the flavour of the thing even to a friend who knows exactly what I am up to.


The first idea was a very strong yellow, black and white newsprinty type cover.  I have seen a few union jack type renderings of Boris, and whilst they are very nice and have that 1960s Carnaby Street optimism that we like from Boris, this is absolutely not what is going on in the book.


I suggested a pale primrose was nearer the mark, and we now have a slightly satirical cartoon with more delicate colouration, which again is very nice, but still not quite there.  Lucifer Ogilvie is not exactly Boris, he is just built from similar bones.  Who knows where I shall drag him eventually?


Generally speaking, I prefer to binge read before deciding on a project, so this is all out of order for me.  It is the equivalent of catching someone’s eye at a party, and then suddenly spending a month with them and nobody else.  A little bit awkward, with flashes of sort-of-ok.


My academic reading is happening, slowly, but there is an awful lot of pop-conservative crap out there, which is no use at all for this.  I kind of know what I am going to end up saying anyway.  My weird brand of conservative communism runs pretty deep, having listened to fairly strong and dearly held opinions from ma and pa.


Still sewing like mad, and, family rows permitting, we should have some new art material shortly.  Still no emotional visions on Boris – maybe there won’t be any, who knows? Maybe this is a brief aberration, just for fun?


My Slovenian friend, a political journalist I have done some creative stuff with in the past, is delighted at the new project, so perhaps we can fire a few in that direction once done.


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