The Boris Experience

Haven’t bothered to write a post recently, as I have been busy working on the first pieces for the Boris Experience, which should be ready next month or so.


I have also changed tack significantly on the visual novel, and I think I will also work on one for David Wolfe as yet another freebie, since this worked relatively well with free books. As a prelude for the game I want to make featuring David, which is a real winner, I think it is probably a good idea, providing he doesn’t get annoyed about it.


The website is now fine according to Google, but Twitter is still not allowing me to post the website and so I have limited use for it. At least it forced me to look into security options.


I think Boris will appreciate the humour in this first set of items, thereafter I will be catching up with some reading for the book which will inevitably accompany the artwork.


In Tatler this month, with the Misery Mandala, so if you are a Tatler reader, look out for that.

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