The Politics of Fear

Adam Curtis did a very good piece on this some years ago.

Theresa May is preparing the British public for some extremely harsh policies, which alongside the imminent sell off of the NHS and other public services, which will make several Tories very rich, means that the ‘Lilliput government’ project that I mentioned in Introducing Lucifer Ogilvie is well underway.

By far the fastest and best way of avoiding this scenario is removing Theresa May and Phillip Hammond.

I think Jeremy Corbyn has made a shrewd move on the subject of Russia, and some unexpectedly statesmanlike statements have actually reached the public?  Was Conservative PR central taking a day off?  How did his statements even reach the public?

Making the UK as hysterical as the USA will work on approximately the same proportion of the population that hate everyone that is not English and spend their time on social media ranting and raving about Marxism as if it is some sort of heinous monster.  They aren’t very bright and they don’t like anybody.  Whilst my mother was being murdered in hospital for the crime of being elderly and disabled, I had one of these thick Tory voters ranting and raving at me at work about ‘the amount of money being spent on the disabled in the UK.  They should all be working.’

These people are stupid, they aren’t very productive and they hate everyone. I have three of them in my own family.  The idea of them being flexible or adapting to change makes them laugh, and they never ever work more than one job because of their massively inflated sense of entitlement.  Why would the Tories seek to encourage such people?  Because hatred fuels disagreement, which in turns enables a weak government to push through policies to punish one group at a time until nobody has anything left.  Because by and large, these people are led by their equally unpleasant peers and employers to vote Tory.

No political theory deserves to be elevated to this level.  Marx himself would be horrified that his drunken ramblings with his friends caused the amount of death it has caused.  Marx used to drink with an anarchist and a fascist.  That in itself ought to tell you what Boris has tried to tell you on many occasions that I have witnessed, and I am far from an avid TV viewer, and what I am telling you now.  Politics is a debate, it is not a religion and if you want to change something, you have to speak up.

I doubt very much that Russia is sufficiently interested in anything the UK or USA is doing to bother with childish and rash attacks on its own former spies.  It is the equivalent of using a cosh where a rapier would be neater and more efficient.  Nerve gas is also a very stupid way of killing somebody.  I would say that this event has actually reduced my faith in our current leaders rather than increasing it.

I do not want to live in Theresa May’s branded paradise of poverty, thank you.  No confidence!



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