Saturday washout

Saturday is a kind of enforced day off at the moment, because it is the only day that Australia, India, the Middle East, Europe and the USA are all having a weekend at the same time.  Sunday is okay, but Saturday is a waste of time.

So, I think unless something else comes along, I think we can declare Saturday the enforced day off.  Currently I am doing some work across the globe, and it becomes tedious on Saturday.

Unless anything else happens, I will be returning to some semblance of normality next week, and in the meantime am building an alternative income stream. This is a good exercise in resourcefulness, which would help other people enormously.

The world of work has changed significantly in the last decade, and it was not great then.  Gone are the days when all you had to do was a good job.  Now you are expected to pretend to conform in order to get through the next ten minutes, which is impossible for anybody to do consistently, particularly when conformity has such a narrow basis.

Literally the only thing everybody has in common is the TV shows or American movies they watch, so it is little surprise that they obsessively pursue this.  It is the only possible safe ground.

I do not think the world is improving as a result, needless to say.

I am working on an idea I have about the influence of industry on the badly formed developments we are seeing, and I am sorry to say that everything since 1900 seems to have involved Germany and the USA, both of whom the UK are very interested in.

Little does the UK know that it is destined to be swallowed not by either of those, but by India.  India, because of the history of illiterate peasants, is now producing genetically superior investment bankers – this has been studied by neuroscientists – and it is not the USA or Germany that will absorb the UK, it is India.  China is far more interested in the USA and Germany seems to believe that Europe will tolerate seemingly endless wage reductions.

Anyway, I am feeling a bit happier now I have dealt with that and a few other issues, and now we need to get through November.

If my unhappy friend in London would care to get in touch, I am sure I can find a cheese box for him to paint, should he wish to come and join me.



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