Long Day

Check out the books page, I tarted up all the covers.

Managed to write a short story, update all the covers, upload them to one publishing site, think about the second one for SB, get an update on the camera cabling issue, apart from that a very lazy day as I wanted to get things done.

Lucifer Ogilvie is high on the priority list until we get this cabling issue sorted out.  Still waiting for the car to come back from car hospital as it had axle issues and is costing me a fortune.

I have a few appointments tomorrow, otherwise I think we are seeing marginally more progress.

Not sure where I am going with the second SB story, I formulated the one I did this morning without really thinking about it – to explain, they kind of happen without me, the only thing that has changed since 2013 is that I actually write them down rather than dismissing them. I do reject a few, as I know many of my readers are very sensitive and they are just too dark for Ina. I may start another name eventually for those ones, but I don’t think being too dark is particularly healthy for me.  I do know that there is another one sitting waiting for me to write it, but I have no idea what it consists of right now.

The visuals for the artwork usually require emotional pain of some sort.  Not really in a hurry for emotional pain so I will see how that pans out.  I have plenty of stuff to get finished urgently so I would rather take a rain check on the emotional pain stuff right now.  That being said, I may wake up with a stupendous idea, and then I will have to run with it.

Lucifer Ogilvie is a step towards the original book for/with Wolfe, so I am quite keen on moving it on.  The games are also significant in mapping the breadth of work required, although I have a much better picture of how the information has to be organised now.

I also need to get to work on the shoes, as they are likely to provide an income.  The SB issue seems to be giving me some sense of urgency, thankfully, so am happily getting on with it at a somewhat better pace.  When you know you are about to get hit with another huge worklist, you tend to get on better with the old ones.

I do see that Boris has been on a few times – worry not, I should still be on time for late summer, but in the meantime it is prudent to get on with the stuff I can do pending being more mobile.

In the meantime, still obsessively listening to music to avoid worry.





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