Popular liberalism

I have just been accused of being racist because I pointed out to someone that having people selling their children five minutes away from your house is not a good advert for globalisation.

Rather than thinking about it, the person simply called me a racist.  Not surprisingly, this means the conversation is over.

For the benefit of less regular readers, I am a former ethnic minority specialist interviewer.  I am far from racist.  I do have a problem with being unable to mention that I do not find it acceptable to have trafficked prostitutes and the prostituting of children happening unchecked in the UK, which is what is happening.

The person concerned assumed that these people were selling their children because they need the money.  This is not the case.  They have housing, a social network, work, and enough money to have the children in the first place, which is more than I have.

Mentioning it, however, is racist.  It is racist because this guy has none of these issues on his doorstep, and because he has not considered that other cultures are different from his.  Honour killing is still acceptable in some cultures, therefore it is not a huge jump to sell your daughter to a nearby bidder, thereby reducing your food costs and perhaps having enough money to have another child.

From my perspective, it is more racist to assume that just because we have determined that this is not acceptable to us, that the presumption is that you are supposed to be a social worker and, I assume, go around to their house and tell them how to live.  I doubt very much that any unfortunate immigrant has gone to this guy’s house and suggested that he should sell his daughter.  Why then, does he think that we have the right to determine what is right and wrong for this immigrant group, who are behaving in exactly the same way they behaved in Czechoslovakia, Slovenia and several other countries in Eastern Europe?

Likewise, police in the North of England are still shy about concerning themselves with multi-cultural cases of child-grooming.  How long before we grow out of this veiled racist idea of liberalism, where saying anything makes you a pariah?

Can you see how that works?  There is no moral high ground to take.  Either you accept globalisation, increased competition for wages, other culture’s ideas of right and wrong or you decide that no, borders are helpful.  It is ironic that this guy lives in the most protectionist country in the world as he virtue signals at me, whilst not listening to actual problems from a country doing exactly as he suggests.

From a sociological perspective, ghettos forming shortly after new populations enter the country is normal, and it always provokes an upsurge in racist behaviour from people who get fed up having to be accompanied in a neighbourhood they were born in in case of attack. (I was assaulted in the same area I refer to, but I am thinking here of a gentleman who now has to take a taxi 200 yards to the pub because he is not safe.)  I wonder how my snowflake chum would feel about entering a gang fight to get to the child-sellers to provide his idea of ‘help?’

We often glorify our Polish workers.  Meanwhile in Poland they instead take on slave work gangs from North Korea and poorly paid workers from Portugal who cannot get work at home.  The Polish government have also refused point blank to take any Muslims because of their history.  I interviewed one man from Poland who was earning less than I was as a part-time interviewer despite running a huge corporate building site.  What on earth is liberal or fair about that?  What is liberal about the videos of what Polish people like to do to immigrants at home?

Getting people to actually think is not worth the effort, quite a lot of the time, and you do wonder what the outcome of this fear of discussion is likely to be.  As far as I can see, it is designed to create dissent and prevent communication of any kind.  Fear is going to be the destruction of any recognisable form of society.  An excellent climate for the removal of human rights or concern for others on any basis at all.





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