A conspiracy of charming men

Today was rather dull, but I got a lot further with the chair.  It is still going rather well, and I have ordered a few hundred metres of stuff from China for the lining, which is the basic structure. It will make more sense once there is something to look at.  It will require professional lighting and photography this time, so I will have to save some pennies for that.

I still need to order something for the base, as it needs to be extremely sturdy and yet fairly tall to pull this off, unless I make it an old school dangling chair, which would take up too much space and be a bit too expensive I think.

A charming man stopped by for a chat at the car, so should he stop by, hi.  I will perhaps come to work early next week or so and stop in to say hello. He is a business owner opening a cafe, so I guess it is his lucky day, since I am obviously going to be interested in interfering with that.

This seems very strange to me, but I didn’t really leave the house or go anywhere without someone I knew for many years because of previous experiences, so I guess it is normal for other people?  Quite a lot of things are a mystery to me as a result. I seem to have a big sign up saying ‘single and looking’ at the moment.

I have about 48 hours to make as much money as possible now, so I will not be sleeping much for the next two days. I am having very strange dreams, featuring a selection of intensely staring people. I have no idea what this indicates, but I don’t feel the same sense of impending doom that I did when it was actually happening. You can’t lose a job you no longer have.

One of the charming men that has presented themselves in the last couple of weeks is a fat version of Staring Brat 2.  He is Italian, but could easily pass for a brother.  He is very very shy and dislikes my Russian soldier’s hat.  Another author friend that I chat to was getting too depressed to recognise when someone was interested, so after a quick pep talk took less than 24 hours to find his new lady.  Congrats. (I hope she likes football.)

Glad to see that I was wrong about the approval of the use of hemp in the USA.  I am guessing this means big corporate interests have lobbied to use it for something.

Otherwise, the only remaining regular readers of this blog all have Cluster B issues, and I am a bit bored of feeding them.  I think I might work on a different project for a while.




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