Even nice revolutions take work

I believe this is what was known as a ‘crowd  pleaser,’ although I was working twenty hours a day so I didn’t know about any of this stuff.  Rather than reliving my twenties, I am discovering it for the first time.  The reason being that 90s dance music is better than the stuff I have endured whilst tuning into Tomorrowland for the last couple of years.

Everything is getting diluted and kind of boring, which may or may not mean I am getting old.  I see from the comments on youtube that it is probably not age related.  It really is better.

Even nice revolutions take a lot of work and thought.  The Boris Johnson Experience – No Glass Walls project is a development of some half finished pieces I was working on for David Wolfe, which I did not complete because I did not think he would thank me for creating a version of him with giant breasts and bottom.  My experiments in that direction revealed that men do not actually notice that you have a beard until it is far too late.  I pulled a lovely chap whilst dressed as David. Nice going, Ina.

So, now that we are dealing with Boris, who will benefit from my rather cuter than normal version of satire, I can really let rip.  All stops are being pulled out, lists are being made, songs are being sung, etc etc.

We will probably spend the first month working off-location and then think about going on the road.  I have a number of interest groups I would like to approach for participation in this national scale project.

It is part of a larger strategy, as previously mentioned, which will return to the Sheep in Wolfe’s Clothing Project in the fullness of time.   I have to put things on that side of the project on a more clinical footing, and I need to invest a little more given the potential.

So, in terms of mutual back-scratching, I eagerly await some relief for my terribly itchy back in the dim and distant future. (fat chance)

Free – The Best Madness Ever


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