New book on the way

It is not the one I was expecting to write, but there is a new book on the way, which I think will probably not be free to the general public as it is a lot more specialised.

I have finally, after my slow output over the last few years, reached the point where I do not need to put too much time into marketing, so I think it is time to do some more carefully thought-out pieces, and to be honest my new friend is sticking pins in my brain in a surprisingly ordered and pleasant way.

I definitely did the right thing by randomly staggering into him, life has not been very pleasant this year.

So, although he has had some very rough notes preceding the first story, I think he will probably get a series of short stories as a sequel to ‘Stories for an Ignorant Man.’  I was not expecting quite such a kind, intelligent and funny individual when I made my rather offhand comment.

It has made me consider further the issues of blame, shame and respectability that I have previously discussed.  I am on the right track, for a change.

I pity the people who went out of their way to damage me this year.  They are obviously not happy or nice people, and it doesn’t matter how much money they make or work they procure, nothing will help them become happy or pleasant.

The same can be said for the obsessive old woman who stirs her cauldron whilst looking at the site every day.  Nothing can help any of these people.  They are toxic, and they will remain toxic until they die, because to heal they would need to see the problem.

I have been very teary today, because I am exhausted.  Some things you can’t do anything about.  It’s very sad.


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